Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reflective of lecture class on 7/3/12

Hi all, it's coming to my third lecture class of telecommunication and networking.
For your information, the topic of today's class was DATA COMMUNICATION.o(^^)o
Well,in last week lecture's class,Dr Dayang discuss what is communication with us...
This week,we are going deeper into this topic..^^

I wonder what is data communication??

After the class,I had learnt that data communication is actually a kind of communication which is the collection and distribution of the electronic representation of information from and to remote facilities.It uses electrical transmission system such as telephone lines,satellites or coaxial cable.
Telephone Lines

Using my previous knowledge,I understand that data can come in many types such as images and texts.
After today's class,I realized that all of these types of data need to be converted into a specific signal so that communication media can transfer it.
There are 2 types of signal:
1)Analogue signal
2)Digital signal

Analogue signal
Digital Signal
Comparison between Analogue Signal and Digital Signal

Analogue signal is commonly sent through PSTN line or commonly we known as 'phone line'.
While digital signal need to be converted into analogue signal before it can be transferred by PSTN line.

What I felt interesting for today's class was human voice is actually one of the analogue signal!!!!

After today's class,I realized that data communication is one of the common type of communication which used by all of the people around the world. I can understand the importance of data communication since it had become a part of our life now.It is unneglilible.
We can hardly imagine what will be happen to our world if data communication had lost its role.
Here's an interesting video which I would like to share with all of you!!
It tells what will be happen to our life with and without data communication.
From this video,I hope all of us will appreciate the conveniences and advantages that data communication had brought to us....^^


  1. ^^ thank you for the information