Thursday, 22 March 2012

Reflective of lecture class on 21/3/12

The topic for telecommunication class on 21th of March was 'Computer Networking'.^^
Before this, what I thought means by Computer Networking is we construct a network using computer....

After the class, I had realized that the real definition for computer networking is connecting a computer with other computers or other devices to enable them to communicate with each other. What a big mistake I had made !!!>.<

Computer Network enables us to communicate with each other instantaneously by only using our fingertips.

According to Dr Dayang, there are 2 types of computer network,that are basic network and LAN(local area network).

A basic network enables the sharing of data by connecting two computers via cable. A LAN is a network too.The difference is it serves as a communications infrastructure for computerized systems. This includes computers, printers, storage systems, and any other device that has a processor, and an ability and need to communicate with another system.

There are few types of area network type as well,such as LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network)and MAN(Metropolitan Ares Network).They are distinguished based on their geographic coverage.
Besides that, Dr Dayang had also explained what is networking components to us also.Networking components can be categorize  into terminal,workstations and transmission media.

There are two types of transmission media:bounded media and unbounded media.Examples of bounded media are twisted pair wire and fiber optic cables.While examples of unbounded media are AM,FM radio and microwave radio.
Microwave radio
Network electronic devices are devices that controls data transmission from sources to destinations.It also act as interfere between different transmission media or communication protocol.Here are some examples:

- Bridge, or network bridge, is a device that can also connect networks, but unlike a router, its operation does not include the network layer of the OSI model.
- It can only connect existing networks that you can access. It is basically unable to distinguish networks, unlike a router.
- They can only be used when you intend to connect networks of same type.

-Bridges reduce the amount of traffic on a LAN by dividing it into two segments. It reads the outermost section of data on the data packet, to tell where the message is going.
-A router is used to route data packets between two networks. When data comes through the router it is forwarded to the correct computer.
-A router, or routing, is considered more intelligent than a bridge, or bridging, because they make smarter decisions.
- It only sends a packet to its intended destination, eliminating unnecessary traffic.
A hub is the simplest of these devices. Any data packet coming from one port is sent to all other ports.
- A hub is a very simple (or dumb) device, once it gets bits of data sent from computer A to B, it does not check the destination, instead, it forwards that signal to all other computers (B, C, D…) within the network. B will then pick it up while other nodes discard it.
- This amplifies that the traffic is shared.
-Gateways are very intelligent devices or else can be a computer running the appropriate software to connect and translate data between networks with different protocols or architecture.
-Hence, their work is much more complex than a normal router.

After almost one hour of lecture by Dr. Dayang, it is our turn to make our presentation about email application.We try to explain to our classmate so they will be able to create a free hotmail ,understand the features of it and Thunderbird application.
Our group had learnt a lot through this presentation.We had learnt how to conduct a class so that others can pay attention to what we said.

Dr Dayang had mentioned that she felt interested to Thunderbird since she never heard that before.

So,I am going to share a video about the tutorial of Thunderbird.Hope that it can help you all to have a clearer picture about this application.


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