Thursday, 1 March 2012

Reflective of lecture class on 29/02/12

Hi's a new day of March...
And today is my very FIRST time to write a blog as well....please support ya....^^

This blog was created to write weekly reflection regarding my class of telecommunication and networking requested by my lecturer,Dr Dayang.It is one of my assignments....

OK,back to the reflection of my telecommunication class at 29th of February~
29th of February should be special for all since it occur only once in four years....^^
Now let's start with my impression to Dr Dayang...o(^-^)o
For me,Dr Dayang is a patient and well-manner lecturer,I had found out that she had put some sense of humour too while conducting her lecture session...

29th of February is my second lecture class of telecommunication & networking.
The purpose of this lecture class is mainly to the introduction to telecommunication. I had found out that this subject is actually a bit linked to one of my subject which I taken in last semester,that is educational technology~

When discussing about telecommunication,we must be wonder what is the meaning of communication,am I right?
Well,communication is the imparting,conveying or exchange of thoughts,messages,ideas,knowledge or information by sign and sounds like speech,signals,writing or behavior.

Now let me show you a video about the history of communication.Have a look!!

While the second video is about the evolution of communication.....^^enjoy ya....

TELECOMMUNICATIONS refer to the transfer of DATA from a TRANSMITTER to a RECEIVER across a DISTANCE.

What is a data?Data is represented by electromagnetic waves such as electricity,radio waves,lights and it is transmitted through medium like wire,cable and atmosphere.

It is awesome to have this kind of technology since it connects people all around the world!!

There are two categories of people that involved in computer and telecommunication:

The first type or we called as the professional user is referring to those who have gone through training in technical or theory aspects,they are computer engineer or programmer,etc.

While the second type or end user is those who uses this kind of technology without training,they are clerk,secretary or teacher,etc.

That's all for my reflection for this week's lecture class.The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and the amount of information to be transferred via networks is staggering.
It is necessary for us to know and develop the latest technology to overcome this mishap.
I hope by taking this subject,I will be able to explore more and deeply about the secrets that hidden behind the telecommunication and networking.


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